CBTM's services are custom-tailored to the needs of Midsize Companies that look for competent, 360 consulting support to successfully implement their strategy of global positioning and growth.
With the continuous globalization of the markets, Midsize Companies increasingly are looking to do transactions with foreign parties. Although smaller in size, such transactions frequently are quite interesting from a strategic or financial perspective. Often, however, these companies realize that the established big global advisory firms and investment banks, who have the necessary know-how to execute a complicated cross-border transaction, are not available to them, be it because of the size of the envisaged deal or the preference of such advisors to serve multinational LargeCap companies. As a result, Midsize Companies often prematurely abort or do not even embark on cross-border transactions, which may be strategically sensible and financially attractive.
In his many years as a corporate lawyer and investment banker in New York, London and Frankfurt, Alexander Faust, Managing Director of CBTM, frequently encountered this situation and the desire of Midsize Companies to receive independent and sophisticated cross-border transaction advice.
In 2001, he founded Cross-Border Transaction Management GmbH (CBTM) with the support of former clients and colleagues. CBTM has significant international contacts and possesses the level of know-how that is required to execute complicated cross-border transactions professionally, which is usually available only from large advisory firms.
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