Cross-border transactions, in particular, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, are complex transactions, which - in comparison to purely domestic deals - require an additional level of experience and expertise
In light of the fact that Cross-Border M&A transactions regularly involve parties from at least two, and often more countries - for instance, a German company wants to acquire the US distribution corporation of a UK holding company - the following factors are crucial to success:

Fluency in the relevant transaction language (usually English) to conduct negotiations effectively and, if possible, proficiency in the language of the key decision makers

Knowledge of internationally recognized transaction and negotiation standards

Familiarity with foreign cultures and the key differences between the European and Anglo-American legal and tax systems

Solid knowledge of international accounting and valuation principles (GAAP and IAS)

Contacts with reliable and competent foreign advisors (lawyers, accountants and experts) who are crucial for an effective due diligence and the production of the necessary transaction documentation (agreements, certificates, etc.)

Experience in negotiating with foreign parties under significant time and closing pressure

Know-how as to the successful integration of a foreign company after closing of the transaction
An experienced and competent advisor is therefore particularly important in connection with a cross-border transaction and can significantly enhance the chances of success. CBTM has the necessary experience and competence.
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