Every (cross-border) transaction, irrespective of whether it is an acquisition, a sale, a merger, a minority investment or a joint venture, can be divided into the following four or five phases:




Signing and Closing

Integration (in the event of an acquisition or a merger)
CBTM Services
The goal of CBTM's service package is to provide comprehensive, personal and competent support to Midsize Companies in every phase of a cross-border transaction in order to facilitate a successful and cost-effective closing of the deal. It includes, in particular, the following services:

Analysis of strategic alternatives, potential partners and business valuations

Comprehensive preparation of Midsize Companies and their management for negotiations with a foreign business partner

Cost- and time effective assembling of an international deal team leveraging CBTM's international contacts

"Driver's Seat"-transaction management: CBTM - in close consultation with the client's management - acts as international project manager, coordinating the activities of all parties and leading the transaction in all phases, from preparation to closing

Committed advisor to the client's management providing competent and sophisticated consulting during all phases of the transaction
The overviews Purchase and Sale show, by way of example, some of the services CBTM typically provides in the various stages of these most common M&A transactions.
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