It is CBTM's mission to support Midsize Companies in implementing their international growth and/or repositioning strategies
Growth-oriented Midsize Companies that seek to expand globally or reposition themselves often encounter numerous obstacles, which may cause them to abort prematurely an envisaged cross-border transaction that, in fact, is strategically sensible:

Unfamiliarity with a foreign legal system and business culture (including language and customs)

Limited access to the services of reputable investment banks, which are often unavailable to Midsize Companies due to the envisaged transaction size

Lack of contacts that can provide reliable references for foreign advisors (lawyers, accountants and consultants) who are essential for the successful execution of a cross-border transaction

Unpredictability and unreasonableness of transaction costs

Significant time commitment for management which may negatively impact the operative business

Limited experience with Anglo-American transaction and negotiation standards which are prevalent in international transactions
Cross-Border M&A transactions are undoubtedly complex. However, with the support of a competent advisor, they may provide an appropriate strategic tool for Midsize Companies.
CBTM offers services that address the above-mentioned factors and that are custom-tailored to the consulting needs of Midsize Companies. CBTM is able to make available to its clients

international contacts and

years of experience with cross-border transactions involving companies in a variety of industries, which customarily can only be found with international consulting firms and investment banks.
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