CBTM differs significantly from established investment banks and M&A advisors

No conflict of interests, because there are no dependencies on other firms; advice is given solely in the client's best interests

Transaction analysis focused exclusively on the strategic and economic benefit to the client

Independence from other advisors and firms (lawyers, accountants and consultants) enables CBTM to assemble an effective transaction team based on competence and cost-effectiveness
Services are Custom-tailored to the Needs of Midsize Companies

CBTM's goal is a long-term consulting relationship based on competence and trust

Cost/benefit analysis prior to any engagement

Personal and sophisticated advice by experienced consultant

Focus on comprehensive transaction management at all stages (from preparation to closing) taking into account the client's individual needs for information and any relevant cost limits

CBTM acts as international project manager who assumes the driver's seat and serves as constant contact point for the client's management

Facilitation of solution-oriented negotiations to avoid loss of momentum

Comprehensive service package reduces distractions of client's management to the detriment of their operational responsibilities
International Contacts

CBTM has global contacts that facilitate a flexible selection of competent foreign advisors (lawyers, accountants, experts, etc.)

CBTM's worldwide personal contacts are made available as additional resources to its clients
Significant Experience in Cross-border Transactions

CBTM benefits from many years of experience in European, US and international M&A and finance transactions in a broad range of industries with a total volume of more than USD 4 billion

CBTM has negotiation experience and know-how that is usually only available from large international consulting firms and investment banks
Entrepreneurial Fee Structure

CBTM's fees are dependent on the size and complexity of the transaction, fundamentally success-based and, thus, in line with the client's entrepreneurial interests
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