internationally-oriented midsize and SmallCap companies (together, Midsize Companies) in implementing their global business and growth strategy

companies on all aspects relating to the strategy and execution of cross-border mergers & acquisitions (Cross-Border M&A), divestitures, strategic alliances, minority investments and related financings

comprehensive transaction management services to support Midsize Companies in the preparation, negotiation and execution of international M&A transactions


a service package that is custom-tailored for internationally-oriented Midsize Companies


special expertise with respect to US-related transactions
CBTM has numerous international contacts and years of experience in international and US-related cross-border M&A transactions, which it is able to leverage to the benefit of its clients. CBTM acts as the client's advisor and (external) corporate development department to help the client maneuver through the complexities and logistic difficulties of cross-border transactions. CBTM is committed to ensuring an efficient and cost-effective implementation of the client's strategic goals.
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