Phase Typical Services CBTM May Provide
1. Analysis

Informational discussion of strategic goals prior to engagement

Analysis of strategic alternatives

Review of various financing possibilities

Assist client in selecting suitable targets and finding an appropriate purchase price

Review of possible deal structures and determination of an appropriate acquisition strategy
2. Preparation

Assembly of an effective deal team

Establish confidential initial contact with potential target(s)

Coordination of discussions with targets and their advisors

Preparation of a realistic timetable
3. Execution

Coordinate, and assist client in conducting, target Due Diligence

Act as leading international project manager in close cooperation with external advisors

Coordination of all parties and advisors

Lead negotiations

Solution-driven handling of transaction issues

Constant contact and close consultation with client

Push a timely preparation of the necessary legal documentation

Act as proactive liaison between parties from different jurisdictions and cultures
4. Signing / Closing

Provide assistance in the preparation of multi-lingual press announcements or public statements

Analysis of closing mechanisms

Monitor compliance with agreed closing conditions after signing
5. Integration

Support client to facilitate an efficient integration of foreign employees and business partners, taking into account the relevant cultural differences
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