Phase Typical Services CBTM May Provide
1. Analysis

Informational discussion of strategic goals prior to engagement

Analysis of strategic alternatives

Review valuations and assist in finding an appropriate sale price

Assist client in identifying suitable buyers

Plan effective sale strategy, taking into account potential buyer interest, as well as relevant business and market conditions
2. Preparation

Assembly of an effective deal team

Coordination and supervision of internal Due Diligence

Assist client in the preparation of a selling memorandum in line with internationally-recognized transaction standards

Establish confidential contact with potential buyers
3. Execution

If appropriate, conduct and coordinate an auction process to maximize sale price

Prepare management for presentations in internationally prevalent Anglo-American form

Comprehensive international project management in close cooperation with external advisors

Preserve confidentiality of potential buyers

Coordinate all negotiations and advisors

Constant contact and close consultation with client

Analysis of proposed financing structures

Act as lead liaison between parties from different countries

Coordination of multi-lingual press
announcements/public statements in two or more jurisdictions
4. Signing / Closing

Analysis of payment procedure and other closing mechanics

Prepare status reports

Review terms of potentially necessary bank financing offered by buyer
5. Integration

Advise client post-closing to avoid potential purchase price reduction, which is customarily included in sale agreement
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